About Us

18Loop’s initial mission has been to promote Advocacy and Awareness for the benefits of Virtual Reality and Robotics in pediatric cancer recovery. You can read about our campaign and press coverage here.

We are currently in the process of distributing our first phase of Robotics and VR headsets that will help our kids tolerate treatment, recover and thrive.

18Loop is working with its technology partners to develop our application. This will be our kids’ window to VR  environments and more.

Our Programs

18Loop has launched Virtual Comfort. This program is designed to maximize the impact Virtual Reality can have on pediatric cancer patient recovery. Our first headset is in use and we are talking with partners about wider distribution.

Robotic Cheer, our program that deploys Robots to kids with cancer, is in the Pilot phase. Our first robots are being shipped!

“Robots and Virtual Reality headsets were a dream ten years ago when studies began to indicate that they would eventually have an impact on the greater good. The future is here and the time is now to leverage our progress to help our kids”

18Loop nominated for a Futureheath.global award!

18Loop has been nominated for a FutureHealth.global award in the category of Best Technological Digital Advances! We are being... Read More