Our Program

18Loop is currently in the launch phase of our Pilot programs Robotic Cheer and Virtual Comfort. We are initially focused on improving the recovery process for pediatric cancer patients from low income families. We will distribute our initial Robots and Virtual Reality headsets and will be gathering and measuring feedback from parents, kids and medical professionals.

All individual donations will go toward operations and the purchase and distribution of the Robotic and VR technology as well as Advocacy and Awareness for 18Loop’s mission.

Robotic Cheer

In Phase 1 of our Pilot program, 18Loop will deploy the Cozmo Robot to kids with cancer. Cozmo will entertain and occupy our kids so that they may escape the discomfort of recovery. Cozmo can be programmed and is a STEM learning tool as well as a sophisticated machine. Robotic Cheer is designed for the home environment.

Virtual Comfort

Alongside our Robots, 18Loop will deploy the BNext Virtual Reality headset. Immersive VR is proven to improve tolerance to treatment. There are studies that support its effectiveness, which you can read about on our Virtual Comfort page. We expect our VR to be used in the hospital during procedures as well as in the home environment.

The goal for our Pilot slated for Spring 2020 is to measure our impact across a sizable number of kids in a more scientific and quantitative way. The combination of qualitative and quantitative metrics taken from our Pilot will support and validate our requests for funding from foundations and prove our success to individual donors.