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You'll find directions for applying for your VR headset. Please also use this page as a resource for configuring your headset. You'll also find directions for contacting 18Loop and the ACCO regarding setup and support issues.

Hello Parents! We understand how difficult it can be to nurse a young cancer patient back to health. 18Loop is here to make that easier and more effective using technology that will help your kids tolerate treatment, recover and thrive. We are deploying  Meta Quest 2 VR headsets and Tripp environments as part of our initial Pilot program and all we ask for you to participate is some time, play and feedback.

Based on scientific research, Tripp has developed a VR Stress Management solution that uses the immersion of Virtual Reality to assist with pain management, relaxation and deepen a connection to self. Tripp is the perfect combination of gaming, meditation and computer science! We encourage that your child use Tripp on Oculus three times a week for about 20 minutes. We also believe that our families can benefit as a whole and encourage you to experience Tripp with your child.

Here are the steps to utilize your child's VR:

1. 18Loop will facilitate delivery of your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset through the American Childhood Cancer Organization. 18Loop will supply participants in the Pilot with login information through your ACCO contact.​

2. Quest 2 headset users can view this video to set up the headset below. Only children 13 years and up are eligible to use the headset per Meta rules.

3. You may download the Tripp and Meta applications at the Apple App Store here or on Android here.

Play Video

18Loop allows your family to keep the VR headset after participation in our program. All we ask is that you share pictures, video and feedback about your experience with the technology. Your input will help us to fundraise to provide headsets to other young adults with cancer.

​To become more informed on VR in medicine, you can order Dr. Brennan Spiegel's book here. It will offer an education on what we do through the lens of a VR physician.

Donate Now

Please make a donation to 18Loop. We are a volunteer organization and all donations support the purchase of VR headsets for our kids. Every dollar counts toward helping a child fight cancer more effectively. We appreciate donations of any amount, or you can ship a headset to our partners at the American Childhood Cancer Organization.

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