We are excited to announce that in May, with the help of the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO), 18Loop more than doubled the number of kids with cancer in the the Joint Experimental Intervention Research Study (JEIRS). So far, our survey data has indicated that all of our kids report doing better in the hospital with VR. We are making a great impact and are looking forward to gathering more data. Future metrics include quantitative monitoring of the VR experiences that impact our kids, measurement of breathing and potential brain wave analysis. 18Loop has open lines of communication to the very best in therapeutic VR and our goal is to offer it safely and effectively.

18Loop’s current focus is on scaling JEIRS, investigating new technologies and fundraising. Currently, all of our kids keep their headsets. This is wonderful for their experience (and the experience of their families), but it is a costly solution. We are closely examining new and different approaches that would continue to deliver the benefit of VR but with better paths to scale and technology reuse when appropriate. Please help us to further our mission!

Our 18Loop star kid of the month is Molly, who just received her Oculus headset. Molly is 19 and is a two time cancer fighter. She appeared on ABC’s The View the day she received her headset. Molly is an inspiration and drives us to continue to reach out to teens like her. Good luck with the VR Molly!

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