This summer, 18Loop is focusing on several new research initiatives that will help our kids with cancer to tolerate treatment, recover and thrive. Our Joint Experimental Intervention Research Study (JEIRS) with the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) currently has a full cohort of 25 participants. We are receiving great qualitative feedback from the kids and families in the study. As 18Loop prepares to launch a second JEIRS cohort, our eyes are on hardware reusability and quantitative measurement. We currently have a backlog of 19 children waiting for our VR and we expect to deliver in the November timeframe.

18Loop is currently exploring other applications for our VR with the ACCO and Texas Children’s Hospital. We are at the preliminary stages of partnering in further research focused on hospice care for DIPG. This effort is important to us, as it speaks directly to our mission to increase treatment tolerance and comfort kids struggling with the disease. 18Loop is happy to be engaged with the ACCO, AppliedVR and other partners as we continue to work toward launching our new research. Based on our early results, we are confident that VR will make a difference and believe that the only questions depend on how significant the benefit will be.

Our research tells us that 16,000 kids get diagnosed with pediatric cancer every year, and you can make a difference by donating to us. As of August, all donations are being directly channeled to the purchase of new VR technology for our kids. 18Loop is a board run organization without any current salaries. Our goal is to deliver the VR technology to as many kids with cancer as we can. As we report the benefits, we can build consensus around making VR a necessary component of treatment. Please donate and help 18Loop do this!

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