18Loop is very excited about our signature program Virtual Comfort. We are beginning the distribution of Oculus VR headsets to children with cancer. This distribution is being facilitated by the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO). Initially, we planned to deploy mobile VR technology, but our testing with the ACCO drove us to look further. Oculus affords us the best optics, the ability to adjust pupillary distance and the capacity to run custom environments. For Virtual Comfort, ACCO kids are testing environments coded by Tripp, which combine a gaming sensibility with meditation and computer science. We believe that this will elevate the mood of our children and help with pain as well.

Our first Virtual Comfort child Elizabeth touched base with me a few weeks ago, and her report couldn’t have been more positive. Our VR had improved her mood, and it was being used by her little brother as well. We didn’t initially anticipate that Virtual Comfort would impact families beyond the patient level, but Elizabeth and her brother proved us wrong. 18Loop expects to deploy 10 Oculus headsets by Q1 2021, with our sights on 50 headsets by midyear. We will need help fundraising to support the growth of the program, but we are already receiving help. Nanea Reeves, CEO of Tripp, sent 18Loop 5 Oculus headsets last week. This contributed to success in achieving our initial goal with the ACCO. Nanea is a great partner, and Tripp is a wonderful company!

In the coming months, 18Loop will scale our deployment of VR through the ACCO and will also begin exploring relationships with cancer centers. The goal is to execute a Case Study derived from specific quantitative metrics gathered in the hospital. We are currently collaborating with our team as we work to develop a protocol and explore relationships on the medical front. As we progress, we will never forget the relationship we developed with Elizabeth, as her family is vital to our early success. We look forward to 2021 becoming the year of 18Loop’s growth in impact. You will remember 18Loop and especially Elizabeth, as she is the cancer warrior pictured on the front page of Thanks Elizabeth!

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