Advocacy and Awareness is a mission of 18Loop. We are dedicated not just to deploy Virtual Reality (VR) in the fight against pediatric cancer, but to inform and encourage others to do so as well. 18Loop is doing this by getting our message out on Social Media, by planning to address future events and by collaborating with our partners.

I am friendly with a very capable Solutions Architect in the telecom industry who is up to date on most modern technology, and when we spoke the other day he was confused a bit by my VR/Spatial Computing message. He didn’t have a window into the future and was unaware of the coming changes in the industry. If a top cloud professional didn’t know, how are cancer families supposed to know? Smart minds are beginning to talk about specialized VR positions emerging in hospitals to administer VR environments to recovering patients. These workers will be called “Virtualists”, but we likely won’t receive care from them for a few years. That’s were 18Loop comes in.

2021 will be an exciting year for 18Loop. We will launch our cancer center case studies, working hard to gather quantitative metrics on our unique solution. This will drive grant solicitation, fundraising with high wealth donors and the delivery of results to the individuals that support us day to day. Our academic achievements will drive our altruistic efforts and sustain our wider mission. We plan to address the HIMSS (Health Information Management and Systems Society) conference in August 2021 and are exploring avenues to spread the word on 18Loop as soon as the pandemic allows. has nominated us for an award (Best Digital Technological Innovation), and we hope to attend the event and collect a victory!

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