Virtual Comfort

The BNext Virtual Reality headset is the platform that we have selected to deploy in our pilot. With BNext and a smartphone, our kids can not only be immersed in a home VR experience, but can be usefully engaged in play that will distract from the pain from inpatient treatments as well as the inpatient recovery process. As early as 2007, researchers were theorizing that Virtual Reality would be important in these settings. You can learn more about this below.

18Loop expects that Virtual Comfort will afford low income pediatric oncology patients the access to high technology that they otherwise would not have exposure to. Our kids will be able to connect in the hospital and in the home environment. They will be able to keep the VR headsets that are distributed.

Want to get involved? Head over to our Parent Portal to learn more about enrolling your child in our pilot program.

Journal of Psychology VR Study