About Us

What We Do

18Loop uses cutting edge technology to help kids with cancer recover from their treatments. We are currently preparing a Pilot program that will deploy Robots and Virtual Reality headsets to improve our kids’ lives. We are not a medical solution but rather enhance the recovery process and tolerance to treatment.

Why We Do It

16,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. A typical recovery takes 1,000 days. Optimally, 18Loop will aid all afflicted kids in their recovery, but will initially focus on those from low income families.

Who We Are

18Loop is a 501c3 certified not-for-profit organization. We were founded by concerned technologists. Ultimately, combined with other factors, we hope to improve comfort and survival rates. 18Loop was created after our founder attended a course in Robotics at MIT. The level of technological development in the field of Robotics and Virtual Reality is currently sufficient to impact our kids in ways that could not have been envisioned ten years ago. Bringing our technology to the fight against cancer on a broad scale is our goal.